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You have a great blog. I like your style. Congratulations on your blog's success Professor Sutton. I've favored you on mine for quite some time. Continued success! E.

Don't know if you have ever explained this on your blog, but how did you end up teaching the kinds of things you do- often looks like organization behavior, leadership, etc - in an engineering school? Thanks!

Alexandra Levit

Congratulations, Bob, and keep up the great work!


Alexandra Levit
Author, MillennialTweet: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas for Managing the Millennials

Rodney Johnson

I certain that many of us fellow bloggers wish we were 1/10th as successful, and have 1/100th of the impact you have had over these short years. Congrats and I look forward to the journey of stardom and at times, potential irrelevance continues.

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