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This guy (who has made the news today)surely deserves an honourable mention:

What most distresses me here is his position in what is highly likely to become our next government. Bleugh.


And his customers are just e-mail addresses. I won't be risking eating at that place. I wouldn't even want them as a customer of mine.


Ponorovsky needs two things: a tranquilizer and an editor.

It's always wonderfully helpful when an Asshole Boss puts himself in contention for the title "Asshole Boss of the Year" with vividly presented written evidence of his qualifications.

Christine Livingston

I've come across some complete dickhead bosses in my time, but this is one of the biggest!

Holy shit!

I just feel for the guys on the receiving end of this.


At least he has a coherent policy about collecting emails.

Bill Bennett

Well the boss is certainly an asshole (or as we say in this part of the world arsehole).

But my guess is this bad attitude must flow though to all aspects of the business.

I certainly wouldn't be happy eating at a place where I'm pestered for an email address - that's the kind of behaviour you get from shonkey spam operations.

And I wonder, is it possible to put a dollar value on the harm done by this publicity?

Mark Graban

I can only guess that he's going to start getting a bunch of fake email addresses from his staff.

Margo Rose @HRMargo twitter

Wow. This post really makes a cogent and important point. Why is it some "bosses" think their opinion is relevant? Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. I respond to leaders who lead with compassion, sound ideals, and a vision that moves the organization forward. Your examples floored me. I'm not surprised easily, so please consider this a huge compliment.


@HRMargo twitter,

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