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Karine Simard

This is so true! We often talk about the behavior that leaders encourage, and about leading by example. However, if the boss does not condemn bad behaviors, it is perceived that he or she tolerated them.

Peter Young

This reminds me of your colleague Jeffrey Pfeffer's book, What Were They Thinking? Chapter 11 - that employees conform to what they take to be their boss's or company's most highly valued aspect of the work.

Recruiting Animal

To make this a better read start at:

There are often things that happen in the workplace that bosses don't try to discourage or stop.

They have a lot of other stuff to do; they don't know how to stop it or they just don't have the emotional energy to deal with it.

I started thinking about this again when I was watching The Office. Jim, now co-manager, brilliantly dealt with defiance and screwing around by Ryan by assigning him to an office in closet.

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