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Redditch tyres

I think the reason is because of excitement level.I mean Porsche cars are one of the most expensive and luxurious car in auto industry.Not all can have it because of the price digits so people are more excited to drive them.No offense with the Camry because i have a Camry car,it's reliable and perfect for my everyday used.A lot can afford them because it has a price that's enough.

Annuity Rates

Would this explain why people who drive these performance cars tend to have more accidents?

Porsche 911

This is certainly not surprising. Having driven both sports cars and family sedans or even mini vans on the same day, I can attest to the different "feeling" you get from the sports car. Love it or hate it, it's definitely there.

If this somehow gets me closer to justifying it with my wife, I'll be happy!

speeding solicitor

interesting that driving downtown in a sedan actually reduces testosterone- is it really that soul destroying?

Marc Kincade

Hi-tech gadgetry!The vast number of ways to incorporate todays innovative devices for automobiles is astounding. Thanks for your insight into this growing field. Keep up the good work, Marc


What can i see from that graph,driving a Porsche make a interesting effect especially at highway.

david karapetyan

Academic study? Are you joking? What is academic about letting a bunch of guys drive cars and then measuring their T levels. It would have been a lot more "academic" if these "researchers" measured some other variables to see if certain things went down when T levels went up.


Oddly, I am a driver who went from a 944 Turbo Porsche, to a Jag XJS, to a 1999 Camry with 180,000 miles, which I now drive. One day, I woke up and asked myself, "Why do I need to drive a car to makes a statement?" and realized I didn't. Admittedly, it took some adjusting to accept that I was defining myself by what I drove instead of who I was as a husband, father, son, brother, and neighbor. Now the Camry sits in my office parking lot most of the day, gets me about when I need to see clients throughout the day, and suits my one mile commute home very nicely.


"...because their samples were tainted by excessive excessive blood in their mouths)."

double excessive there, and what the heck is excessive blood in their mouths??? tia


I thought Jeremy Clarkson (of Top Gear) should have done the test on Porsche vs. Toyota Camry.


So what we think of as compensation, is really self-medication? "I'd like a prescription for a Porsche, please".


Did they describe the physical characteristics of the techs administering the periodic tests along the road? Could skew the data, you know!

"Do not confuse correlation with causality - ever!" (NNTaleb quote of someone whose name I forgot while looking at the technician).


So this explains the midlife crisis sports car. At a time when a man is starting to experience the physical effects of producing less testosterone, the sports car is a non-pharmeceutical way to mitigate the loss.

John Jenkins

The most interesting thing I see in the graph is the effect of highway driving versus city driving.

It would be interesting to see whether this data held up across genders and whether we could examine other factors that were correlated (e.g., instances of road rage on highways versus city streets).

From these data, one would hypothesize that road rage incidents would be overrepresented on highways than what would be predicted from straight mileage data, iff road rage is correlated with T levels.

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