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ken lynch

Hi Bob,

NPR did an interview with Dan yesterday:

he mentioned the peer-to-peer employee rewards you mentioned found in his book.

have you been seeing any companies springing up around these ideas? is a toronto based start-up that is viewing themselves first as a recognition company, and second as a rewards company.

I'd like to hear if you think what they're doing is effective for the goal of employee communications and motivation. or if you think this form of rewarding is doomed to failure.



Bob, Wow, Kathy I am with you. After that I just added Dan's motivation talk to my TED app and his book to my reading stack. No matter where I apply it I know that the motivation via autonomy is effective but it is so hard to jump out of the cycle of the "carrot and stick". I find this easier at work and needing much improvement at home. I know as parents we lean way to heavily on the carrot. Thanks, and I am really looking forward to Dan's book.


Sounds Interesting though some (like power distance) might depend on culture by culture.

Can't wait Japanese translation!

Laura Schroeder

I really enjoyed his TED talk and also blogged about it here:
Unfortunately not everyone can follow his advice about pay because technically speaking, everyone can't pay above the industry average.

Kathy Sierra

You know, you COULD have waited until after the book was shipping to write this. Now I'm even *more* impatient to get it ;)

Thanks for including some useful tips from the book. I have been so looking forward to it, although for reasons that include not just the actual topic (motivation/incentives, etc.) but also the disturbing point he raises in the video about the gap between what science knows and business does.

I hope Dan's next book will be about just that... the gap.

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