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T Bellows

Seriously I am not liking this book. Get a life, Gretchen! Everyone seems to love this book, am I reading the same one? Much ado about nothing.

kyle white

Hi Dr. Sutton, you might also find the works of Dr. Greg Cynaumon interesting. He authored some Self-help and personality development books.

Denise Burks

Dear Dr. Sutton,

I love Sunday mornings, my husband and I sit at the kitchen table reading through the newspaper, every now and then reading out loud to one another. Today, after browsing The Book Review section, looking for The NYTimes review of Gretchin's book The Happiness Project, of which I am a big fan and follower. I didn't spot a review so I grabbed my laptop (the quickest way to find a review, in my mind) which is how I found you. Instead of finding a review, per se, I found your blog. So this morning I read and re-read, outloud to my hubby, excerpts from your work.

It made us happy!

Warmest Regards,

Denise Burks

Tammy Squires

I can't wait to read this book. I think everyone needs more happiness in their lives. When life is SO busy it is easy to forget all the simple things that truly make you happy. Thanks Kerry for introducing me to this book.

Janardan mishra

I wish I could read this book. But I can not afford to buy.

K. Abbas

He said he was wondering out to look at the "mail", not "mall".


I don't understand.. you wandered out to the mall and saw Gretchen's book, yet it doesn't come out for another week yet. How does that happen? Or did you actually recieve an advance copy, not from the mall but from a distributor to bloggers/reviewers? I think this effects your credibility. You should remove the sentence about seeing it at the mall. Anyway... I love Gretchen's blog, but was disappointed by the preview chapters.

Howard Fortson

A must view is the TED talk on Synthetic Happiness. It will really make you think if you are not already. Link:

Catherine Mulcahey

Keep up the mutual back-patting. Pretending to be neutral about something you really like is just as dishonest as sounding noncommittal about something you hate.

Kim Scott

I wholeheartedly agree--the world would be a better place if everyone read the Happiness Project. What a gift Gretchen has given all of us in writing it!

Bob Sutton


Sorry, I will try to control my enthusiasm. I actually have never even met Gretchen, but -- for better or worse -- I am a pretty emotional person. I tend to love things or despise them, and sometimes it comes out. I had a very strong reaction to her book because it was so authentic and moved me personally because the voice was so strong and elements were woven together so well. We do not have mutual promotion pact of any kind, I just was struck by her book. For better and worse, I seem to travel through life following William Saroyan's advice:"“Try as much as possible to be wholly alive, with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell and when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.” It is probably bad advice for some situations and I go get in trouble at times, but I often can't help myself.


I enjoy both your blog and Gretchen's and in fact discovered one of you from the other's writings. That said, lately you're both fawning way too much over each other. You both write great stuff but this mutual back-patting is making it hard to find you credible.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Gretchen Rubin

Thank you for these incredibly nice words. I respect your work so much; I'm thrilled to read your response to The Happiness Project. You made me very HAPPY!


Dr. Sutton, I've followed your work since the day I snagged an advance copy of The No Asshole Rule. I have also read Ms. Rubin's blog with great pleasure this past year. Between your recommendation and her own work, I can say...Sold!

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