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Steve Harold

I was wondering whether this is a short term set of findings. The gum chewers may end up with jaw issues later in life which will lead to a different form of stress.


Chewing gum probably really does relieve stress, but it is not at all professional. I think that if you are in a professional environment, (i.e. finance) dealing with clients all day, it is absurd to think that it is OK to chew gum. Even if you are discrete, it is a bad idea. Pick another mind soothing idea, like putting a bonsai plant on your desk or taking yoga.

Serhiy Yevtushenko

I have read that chinese conditioneer manufacturer Haier has prohibited usage of chewing gum on the assembly line, which has lead in turn to productivity improvement. So, one of the reasons could be less stress due to doing less work.

Dwayne Phillips

No wonder they outlaw chewing gum in schools - it (like all the other things they prohibit in schools) works.


Former smoker, current gum chewer. I do not smack or pop my gum, and yes, it does relieve stress for those of us who tend to feed our emotions.


I'm with you, Mr. Sutton. Gum-chewing is a disgusting habit. But if 39 percent of non-gum chewers report being extremely stressed, then a majority of the others are feeling.... okay, perhaps? I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that chewing gum reduces stress enough to make being on a tense team tolerable.

Aaron Windeler

Maybe it's just that the gum chewers seemed less stressed in comparison to those who don't chew gum (who were stressed out by the smacking sound made by the gum chewers)

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