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Wally Bock

Congratulations! This post was selected as one of the five best independent business blog posts of the week in my Three Star Leadership Midweek Review of the Business Blogs.

Wally Bock

Rich Crocco

While I agree we have to be sceptical when someone claims to have all the answers, I also believe the ability to create a new rule or idea is important to human progress and is at the heart of Kant's definition of genius.


"Most claims of originality are testimony to ignorance"

I've often thought something similar myself - it is somehow poetic to find out it wasn't an original thought :)

The theoretically most psychologically healthy humans may well be the ones content with what they have, but I wonder if anyone has ever met such a person?

Our brains are set up in such a way that we get more dopamine from striving for a goal than we get from attaining it, and once we have attained it the pleasure is very short lived. This makes sense in the context of evolution where constantly searching for more resources or a better environment is going to be good for your offspring.

From my own experiences, I tend to think the people who have attained the appearance of contentment have actually channeled their striving from material goals onto something more valuable to society; for example, education or charity work.

I think my point here is that "you should be content with what you have" may not take account of human nature and therefor may be unhelpful. Better advice would be "accept you will always want more and learn to harness this really very useful and powerful drive into more positive directions".


There is nothing new under the sun.

Our challenge is not to get leaders to learn a new theory or model, but to drive them toward a deeper understanding of the solid, researched principles of leadership theory.

Kevin J Porter

Leadership is DOING the right thing. As cloudy as that statement sounds, I believe most decisions can viewed as either the "right" or "wrong" thing to do. Reasonable people will disagree, yet many leadership blunders would not have occurred if the "leaders" fully embraced the phrase, "Do the right thing."



As any therapist will tell you, the way you make an idea stick with a patient is to lead the patient to the idea, so that he discovers it himself, rather than just telling it to him. People are irrationally wedded to ideas they come up with themselves.

I think these conferences can serve the same purpose. The ideas they come up with may be old, but if the people at these conferences think they're coming up with them themselves, they are more likely to internalize and act on them.

Like it or not, most people find it very difficult to listen to advice and ideas from other people. If you want to solve problems, you need to accept that limitation and work with it.

working girl

I tend to agree there's no need to reinvent the wheel, it's mostly common sense. But I also just leafed through the Bootcamp Bootleg - maybe practicing beginner's mind and putting some sticky notes on the wall could lead to some original thinking. . .

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