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Abjacktivist is my choice especially with the accent on"Jack" as in jackoff


dipwad is the best word. or dip thong

patrick t

Armchair Critic
Monday Morning Sniveler


A good friend of mine read this post and said that "haters" would be a good word. It's a more modern word, stemming from mostly rap and hip-hop music, that is simply a term used for one who hates on another.

Hereward Holmes

How about an insolent regressive?

Ted Scott

Best to call this type of person a detached dissident - he was once part of something, now he isn't, and he's got a cloud of negativity hovering over him ever since. Also, a little alliteration helps.


How about using word pairs like:
- involuntary stakeholder
- backseat nag

Andy Imboden

HAHA Murphy Dysart!
You're not from the Northeast, are you?
Masshole = Massachusetts ...


Yes, yes, yes to Bob G.!!! CV Harquail, who was asked the same question, also posted a blog about these labels (full disclosure: she used content from an email I sent her after she asked my husband and I if we could think of any labels...) Check it out:


Lazy Bee. Instead of being a busy bee who helps everyone out and brings in honey, this is a bee who doesn't help out the group but reserves the right to sting you once the work is done.

Geoff Wasserman

Have an idea for the WORD you're looking for for the passive-agressive complainers...How about "Eroders"

Tronica Lindstrom

It's particularly easy to see when that person is your boss or someone in power. They provide no guidance or direction, so you do what you think is right, and then get publicly lambasted for not reading their minds.

I'd call it plain old Passive Agressive.

Tom T

We just call these folks kibitzers...not really a need to invent a new word.

Murphy Dysart

On my way to work today I saw a bumper sticker that said “MASSHOLE.” Not sure if there is a specific meaning for this word, other than perhaps “massive asshole,” but I like and plan to use it regularly. Anyway, it reminded me of your challenge and inspired me to come up with the following:

Slackhole – This one speaks for itself.

Passhole – Describes someone who passes on the opportunity to contribute to an idea, then criticizes what others come up with. Also appropriate for a driver in the right lane who speeds up and recklessly cuts in front of you.

Lollygaghole – Short would be gaghole, which adds double meaning.

Probably someone already thought of these, but what the heck.

Ruven Gotz

PassFailers - they "pass" on the chance to contribute, but call "FAIL" on the result.

DFA's - disengaged from the action on the ground but drop bombs from a great height (DFA=Death From Above; slang for bombing)

Dean Zatkowsky

It could happen to anyone who believes himself indifferent during the process, only to end up facing a dreadfully inadequate result.

If repeat offenders are the ones we wish to label, they are not the problem, either. Fool me twice? Shame on me. A good leader ensures the participation of vital team members, especially if they have been "passholes" in the past.


Creative Director

Nancy Lewis

I like Dances with Books "disenfranchised" - we could call them "disenfranks," but I would prefer "Sour Grapers."

Nate McMahon


Another vote for passholes (credit to Sniglets)

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