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ffxiv gil

you said "Creativity + implementation = innovation"but i think for some people it is not a easy thing,especially the creativity.what we lack is the creation,Sometimes this is natural,also the most important is ourselves effort.

guild wars 2 gold

Creativity + implementation = innovation
Intel’s motto “disagree and then commit” reflects this spirit – you fight during the creative part, but join arms to make the idea work during the implementation part, even if you think the decision was wrong.


"..the messiness and failure required to generate a new idea needs to be shut-off as you move into the implementation phase"

Powerful stuff :) This helps me understand what I have been living recently. We are currently in the impl. phase so it is more ordered. This was preceded by the chaotic creative phase, and there have been a lot of questions from senior management on why we could not have started with the "orderly" phase and completely avoided the "messiness" :)

Appreciate your post. Helps me put in words my struggle.

John Edson

Thanks for the shout out, Bob. Glad to help your students. I have to come clean though. The title quote belongs to Joel Spira, founder of Lutron. The p.s. quote is why I'm still at LUNAR.

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