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Kingsley Tagbo

There is a difference between how the current digital age values thought leaders ... those who influence others through the ideas, opinions, words, writings and how the generation of John Quincy Adams values their president.

In our days, there is a strong emphasis on influence at the expense of character development ... does morals or character still count towards the measure of a leader?

Account Deleted

Leadership is a very important trait. Leading at the edge means playing to win as an individual, as a team, and as an organization. Companies that create a leadership development culture excel because they become talent magnets by always providing people with opportunities to learn, grow, and build leadership competencies. Regardless of their professional and organizational roles, all top leaders must understand how leadership, culture, and operational effectiveness are closely intertwined to achieve outstanding results. At the IMD OWP 2010 you will learn what leaders in the top companies, who are known for their outstanding leadership cultures, do so successfully to continue leading at the edge

Peter Edstrom

Thanks for the post. Great quote. I like it so much better than the do-things-right/right-things quote so often used about managers and leaders.

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

you might like this other 3-min leadership lesson as well:


Very good quote-

I think our global corporate CEOs could take a lesson from POTUS# 6!




Here's a (hopefully) provocative thought. Does the ONE asshole rule not imply that an asshole (if working alone) can make people

Dream More
Learn More
Do More and
Become More?

I think Jeff Pfeffer was right to emphasize that chapter on the virtues of assholes. The asshole as leader?


Great quote. I'd imagine the only corporate leaders, then, are the ones that arise at W.L. Gore & Co.

DC Jobs

If speech has no effect, then it's like the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

There is another quote in the same vain, that I like from author Mark Batterson, he says that "a prophet is someone who encourages others."

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