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The only management book I have ever bought was the "No Asshole Rule" because it was about time someone put it in writing. It was a great book, my whole department loved it - they advised me give it to my boss to read - he did not see the humour in it, and he must have seen himself clearly fit the definitions of "asshole" because I lost my job shortly after giving him the book. So, although I think The No Asshole Rule is the best management book ever writen - I think the advice about giving it to your boss if he/she is a tyrant is pretty bad advice - didn't work out too well for me anyway.....


Most anything from undergraduate academic advising, particularly at public institutions.

Advising is critical to getting new undergraduate students started well but is shifted off on those faculty with little better to do because it isn't a valued activity and those doing it have few rewards for doing it well. This is an economic consequence of the differences between student tuition vs. grants fund flows. Because student butts will occupy the chairs no matter what, meaning someone will pay tuition for the spot, but grant monies, with the additional indirects that the administration gets to spend, are highly competitive, faculty rewards are weighted to that side and faculty respond accordingly.

In my case the university entrance test indicated that I should become an automotive transmission mechanic and projected a gpa of 2.0. My freshman adviser in the major promptly put me on the non-major track. Later I switched majors, found a supportive adviser and acquired a professional degree, a PhD and became a professor.

Now the same thing is happening to my children. In one's case the second ranked state public institution makes a big deal about their combined living/learning groups for science and engineering majors. He signs up finds there is no substance to it. Nothing. His adviser sucks, doesn't keep his posted office hours and the departmental secretary winds up signing him off so that he can register for classes. The delay meant that a critical class was filled by students that had gotten signed off sooner, which delays his graduation by at least a semester. Working a dysfunctional system is daunting for a freshman. Fortunately being faculty I can help him some but many parents don't have the knowledge that I do.


On the subject of book titles (which you weren't), have you seen 'Golfing for Cats' by Alan Coren ? He worked out that the best-selling books were about cats, golf, and Hitler (the cover has a swastika golf flag).


A lecturer in college told me I was not cut out for HR. 20 years later ......


When, in late 1994, I suggested to the very intelligent president of the systems integration consultancy I was with that we needed to develop our software with an eye to the Internet, he said,"I've seen the Internet (I'm on Compuserve), and it's not going anywhere."

A few years later, the company was de-listed. Fortunately, I did not take his observations as career advice.

Chris Weekly

Here are a few gems from my life:
- Stop pushing yourself so hard in school
- Don't teach and travel in Europe
- Buying and living on a sailboat is ridiculous
- Setting up your own web server is a waste
- Don't have kids
- Forget about HTML and JavaScript, they're childs' play

Fortunately I didn't listen. :)


"Be patient" is some of the worst career advise I have received.


The worst piece of advice I've gotten has been "trust me". The people I've run into in business who ask for trust generally don't deserve it. The people who deserve it, get it without asking.


A friend's wife told me that I would regret not having a big wedding like she did.

It was only after I had a very stressful wedding that she said, "Oh yeah. My wedding was the most stressful day of my life. It was awful."

So much for eloping.

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