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I really like the title of the Polish version of the book! 'Jełop' is a pretty straightforward and at the same time extremely exressive way of saying an 'asshole'.

Some Polish translations can be extremely hard to do (this language is beautiful, but can have so many difficulties that even Polish people cannot always understand!)

That's why I would always use a translation agency when having any difficulties or doubts!


In my opinion this translation (I mean "jełop") is even better than direct one. "Dupek" is out of line, abusive, comparing with "jełop" which I would call "sophisticated" ;-)
It looks like your book was translated by someone not only with good language skill but creative too.

BTW thank you for this book. I find it really good, better than your blog ;-)
I have to change because characteristic of an asshole in the book fits in many apsects to mine..........


I don't speak any Polish but based on visuals alone, it looks like a murder mystery =) And people are just getting stabbed at work everyday...

working girl

That is excellent, like a quirky low budget Slovakian movie about single guys getting in trouble. Is there a German translation?

jacek walicki


As 'asshole' does not translate easily into polish (i have been using "dupek" when talking about your book) so it is equally not trivial to translate "jełop". I'm not a professional translator, but I would translate that key word as "moron". And unfortunatley, I think, that this is a poor translation of your key word/concept. "Dupek" would've been better, I think.. The second, albeit lesser, problem is with translating "biurko w biurko" back. This literally means "desk in desk", as in having two desks touching (in old offices). So "sharing a desk" would be almost ok, I hope. Then the whole title becomes (in my imperfect reverse translation) "Sharing a desk with a moron - the art of office survival".

If it were up to me, my polish version would be; "Dupkom mowimy nie!" = "We say no to assholes!"

Title translation aside, I am very glad that this polish translation exists now.



Google language sez:

Desk in Desk with jełop. Survival in the office.

You definitely need a native speaker to figure this one out.

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