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Jamie Flinchbaugh

Welcome. I'll follow you, my twitter name is @flinchbaugh.

First, I recommend not looking at it primarily as a place to promote your blog. Instead, look at it as a way to listen, to engage, and to discuss. Twitter is two-way conversation, often even more-so than the comments on a blog.

Second, I recommend the book Sociable!. It's a good primer on social media for people that aren't or have no intention of becoming social media experts but want to engage.

Jamie Flinchbaugh

Bob, I recommend checking out HootSuite. You can easily manage your tweets, see your mentions and direct messages, and shorten your links. The Android app is great too -- it pops mentions up on my phone.

And I concur with Jindo Fox -- conversations on Twitter are important too.

Jindo Fox

Bob -- glad to see you're on Twitter now. To make the most of it, please do more than simply pipe your RSS feed to Twitter, since a robot can do that. Make an effort to engage in conversation and talk to people and maybe link your Twitter acct to Google Buzz to allow for more lengthy replies.

Frank B

Definitely setup your site to automatically tweet new posts. It's instant dissemination of information to the masses, 140 characters at a time. Welcome to the Twitterverse!

Bret Simmons

Yes! Welcome to Twitter, Bob. Twitter is a powerful learning community. I can learn new and valuable things everyday from my community on Twitter. Will be nice to give your RT credit for all those articles of yours I share. Bret

Nikki Massaro Kauffman

Twitter has been a great way for me to create communities across a large academic institution (or several of them).

Here are some of the materials I've shared in the past concerning Twitter:
Using Twitter:
Using Third-Party Applications for Twitter:
Using Hashtags:
Tagging & Addict-o-matic:
Link to a presentation we delivered related to Twitter in Higher Ed:

Good luck & glad to see you on twitter!

Daniel Christadoss

Your post is a tweet on twitter now @dancrissco.

Daniel Christadoss

Bob, welcome to twitter.
I blog on wordpress and it automatically converts my blog to a tweet once the feature is enabled.
Way to go.

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