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Bob, great story. I have an Ipad and I believe it will be a game changer in the future. I believe that everything we don't like about it will be fixed in the future. For now it is a flawed device.

Morten Lindh

Hi Bob
Thanks for the review, although I should perhaps read it before buying my iPad. Having had it for four days I tend to agree with the critics that call it an "iPhone for geriatrics". However, what I see is that when Apple has fixed a few, fatal, flaws this could easily become a cash generator. Being a professional facilitator and lecturer, this machine would be fabulous if it had a remote control, a little more advanced Keynote, the possibility to charge and be connected to a projector simultaneously. There's a huge academic world who have already bought in to the Apple concept and they could benefit from this.
All said and done, I should have bought the iPhone4 and waited with the iPad

Ron Gentile

I had the same reaction when I played with the iPad at the Apple Store. Too heavy, screen too glossy, ... And I also wondered how I'd use it between my iPhone and my Mac laptop. Additionally, I love my Kindle and I could see that the iPad was much heavier and that it provides much less clear text. I don't see the iPad as a game changer the way the iPhone was.

Scott B

Hey Bob -

I had the exact same conclusion as you. I'm a big fan of Apple products and have an iPhone, MacBook Pro, iMac, even AppleTV - but the iPad is a big disappointment. Typical Apple product - SEXY harware and elegant interface. The touch interface is addictive but at the same time it is no more efficient or effective for the majority of tasks (Google Earth on the iPad would be fantastic).

The novelty wears off and mine is going back today. It's fun to browse the web but for $700 it needs to be useful and without flash I can't do many of the things I would want with such a device (Hulu, Flip videos, ESPN3 sports streaming, etc etc).

Agreed that its terrible for reading books. People realize you can read books on a PC or Mac with the Kindle app right? You could buy $700 worth of books and just read them on your laptop. The Kindle is far superior for book reading.

I'd sell the stock. I think Android + Flash will deliver a must better and more useful experience. Apple has gone too far with the closed-system approach and we're looking at a repeat of Mac vs. PC with App Store vs Android. I think the Android path will be more rewarding to the end user.


Keep the stock.

I love my iPhone and went to buy an iPad but after ten minutes playing with it in the store, I decided I could do without.

I think the iPad will do well with younger users who don't read books but want a snazzy toy playing games, viewing photos, etc.


I don't think I would sell stock just yet. I believe based on the recent leaks that Apple still has a few big releases to come. However, I, too, am not surprised by your review. I'm reminded of all the jokes about MSFT and how no one should upgrade their windows OS until the 1st patch comes out. It seems Apple products are starting to get the same rep: don't buy the first gen, wait for them to work out the kinks.

patricia Tryon

Echoing thanks here. I'm thinking about a notebook, but this probably isn't the right one.

About the stock, I'd take the money and run. But I'm also somebody who did not buy Apple when it was at $17 not so long ago...


I'm not surprised by your review, but I wouldn't sell just yet. Don't forget this is a 1st gen device and the iPhone wasn't exactly universally lauded when it came out either. Plus, that 4G iPhone accidentally left in a bar last week looks rather fantastic, as does the preview we've had of iPhone OS4.

Thanx for the detailed review, Bob. I've been debating trading in my Kindle 1 for an iPad, and waiting to hear more feedback from users. I think the comparison to other devices will ultimately put iPad in an unfavorable light, as it is none of the things to which we've grown accustomed. Perhaps your mom is the best target market: occasional users who won't use it for long periods and who won't generate content. It's a new class of device, and I think it's biggest impact will be to have us see all content as a multimedia experience. As for AAPL stock: I think revenue and profits will be driven by iPhone for some time, with all other products being seen as further evidence that this is the company to point us to the communications future.

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