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zia yusuf


First of all glad that all went well. Second, thanks for sharing your decision making process. Sharing such an experience is quite unusual but very helpful to those considering a similar process.

Wishing you the best of health.


Chris T

Welcome back, Bob, and best of luck with your recovery.

I hope that folks have the opportunity to publicy acknowledge jobs well done by thier coworkers, colleagues and business partners in the same manner you did. Nice touch! A class act.


Welcome back! As an OR nurse (neuro and ortho, not hearts :)), it's nice to hear that a patient had a great experience with the surgical team. I wish I could follow my patients to the floor and get their feedback on how they felt during the limited time they were awake. It sounds like Cleveland Clinic is doing things right.

Anyway, hope that your recovery is going well. Take care of yourself...

Randy Bosch

Bob, Very glad to learn that you had a successful "renovation", and were well-prepared in advance for it. With all the negatives floated about health-care in the last year, first hand accounts of great practitioners are important - there are very, very many of them!!

All the best as you continue to mend. I'll wait for the philosopher's viewpoint to emerge!

Todd Sattersten

Let me add my happiness that you are doing better.

Continue to get better.

We must talk soon.

Harry Beckwith

Good to hear Bob. I just took in your first lecture on Creative Organizations, came over here to see how you are doing. Here's to good healing, and see you this fall. . .


I'm very happy for you and your family, Bob. And I appreciate your shout-outs to your nurses and your description of the joy your surgeon takes in his work--both are quite inspiring. Enjoy the Oxycodone, and I hope you're back on your bike soon.



So glad you had such a positive experience at the Clinic - and not only because I live in Cleveland. While it is not a perfect place, the commitment to excellence in cardiothoracic care is mirrored across much of the organization - I can speak personally of exceptional orthopedic experiences and know of many people who have followed your example for heart surgery.

Congratulations on the positive outcome to date. You clearly recognize that one of the most important aspects of recovery is exercise. Keep up the great work - we definitely need your continued wisdom!!!


Bob - Glad to hear you are recovering well and your experience was a relatively good one. Surgery is always tough and recovery even tougher. Good luck with it all.

Glad you're well and back in action. You've inspired me to write a blog post about my surgery last year, which I believe can help others form their own opinion about making choices when faced with prostate cancer.

You sound great! I'm so delighted that you had a great experience and have shared it with us.

Thanx again


Greetings from Turkey. It is great to have you back and a pleasure to see how you continue to reveal the little but significant details of good organizations

DC Jobs

Glad the surgery went well! Nice to see that you got the most out of the experience by using it as a case study in efficient management and customer relations!

Des Pieri

Great to hear that you are well and on the mend. Congratulations on the successful surgery.



By chance do they use Dr. Atul Gawande's ( surgical safety checklist?

If so, this event is a most interesting intersection with your "Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths And Total Nonsense" as well as TNAR (that there rule :-)).


Bob, missed your witty and insightful posts while you were out. Good to hear that you are on the mend, take it easy and take good care of yourself. May your new valve give you many more good years!

Scott Eblin

Dear Bob -

Welcome back and congratulations on a successful outcome. Sounds like you made the right choice with Cleveland. My dad had a heart procedure there last year and we could not have been more pleased with the staff and care there. The Clinic is a model for what our health care system could be.

Take good care of yourself in the coming weeks.

Cheers -


Gretchen Rubin

So HAPPY to hear that you're feeling better and on the other side of the operation. Take good care!

Jindo Fox

Bob -- You're a true class act for publicly remembering and praising your doctors and caregivers after such a life-changing operation. I'm very happy that you're recovering, as I've missed your posts here. Please continue to take care of yourself and know we're thinking of you!


Carol Murchie

You're, as the fishermen say, "a keeper" so take care and get well soon so that we can benefit from your insights. And as for the Oxycodone, enjoy the ride!



welcome back! I love reading your posts, so you have been missed. glad to hear you're on the mend.

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