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Daniel Christadoss

This is a timely article. Engineers need to respond to the unstructured problems. That is what engineering is all about. We see this in the work place on a day to day basis.Take for instance custom equipment building for break through products. You can peer review the design for ever and never get to market or you can understand your risks and move forward into the unknown. A good engineering foundation helps but it is creative confidence which makes you succeed in being early to market before the window of opportunity closes.

working girl

It is important to question what everyone believes to be true. I recently saw a physicist tear up quite a few of the most accepted assumptions by, for example, showing planetary revolution and waves in 3-D rather than 2-D. Suddenly you could see visually that the commonly accepted calculation basis can't possibly be true. It was amazing. On the other hand, this post also reminds me of my frustrated algebra teacher trying to explain the FOIL method to a slow student back in junior high. Finally he threw up his hands and said, 'Just do it this way, Jack! That's how it's done.' Sometimes it's time to question and sometimes it's time to move on.

David B. Cohen

Thanks for this post. I hope the necessity of creative confidence helps beat back the current of standardization in education.

patricia Tryon

All ages? Really?

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