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Christer Edman

It's interesting to see how a simple RSS feed on my blog picked up the Great Orbit song on YouTube. This is a good example of how important a good creative work is for inspiration.

If you ask Why and spend time to search for the background for what someone has done you can learn a lot.

I am currently learn how to work with the We instead of Me and this have lead me to Muhammad Ali's "Me-Whee or Me-We" poem. Very simple and open up for new thoughts.


I would add this: the boss must learn when to shut up.

The very first step, before you even try to kill the ideas, is to generate them. I can't count the number of times when, during a brain-storm, the boss was killing the ideas before they see the light, making the room silent afterwards.

(I worked with the very same people but without the boss, and the ideas flowed)

Randy Bosch

Bob, excellent and provocative discussion! Thank you!

Consensus and Compromise are two of the worst conclusions and most-misdefined concepts relative to promoting great ideas forward above merely good ideas.

Richard I. Garber


A stop sign is a very simple warning. Look at the collection of warnings that appear on extension ladders! See the example here:

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