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Well, I pay more attention to my asshole radar (assdar?) since reading your book - at work and also at school, in the doctor's office (I fired a Dr recently - also knew something about him wasn't quite right), etc.

Some sure-fire signs - name dropping, "I" "me" statements, dismissing or not answering questions asked, being rude, short, curt with underlings (yes, Drs., patients can overhear how you talk to your nurses in the hallway), etc.

I wish I could buy your book by the case and hand it out like halloween candy.


Will there be a way to buy just the new chapter from the paperback? I just bought the hardback. (Some things are just too important to put off until September.)

Celina Macaisa

Thanks for blogging about the WSJ article because I would have missed it otherwise. Thanks also for spreading the idea that making the workplace more humane has “business/profit value” and it works when its implementation is powered by a performance and results-driven CEO (not just a weakly implemented HR initiative.)

I have worked in some companies where it’s cool to be “graciously rude” or say hurtful things in a ‘nice corporate way’ (w/ a lip smile) or just let the other person ‘hear’ hurtful comments indirectly. This type of work behavior has always been viewed as ‘normal or just office politics’ and if you are a professional, you just need to suck it up and not react to it. (I also acted badly during this period because I did not know how-to handle the situation.)

But things have to change and I have to know how to deal with workplace behaviors better, so I am reading articles like yours and books about company culture and team culture (‘coz I can’t afford to job-hop as much). One of the books that I found helpful and easy to understand is Dianne Crampton’s book on how to build an ethical, quality focused and successful work team (

TIGERS Among Us is a how-to book on how to build a winning team, decrease workplace conflict, and how to get your staff on board with your company’s goals.

So hopefully, more and more people from CEOs to the “just as important staff” will learn more ideas on how to create more humane workplaces with high productivity and creativity. All the best!


You got me :) I've heard about your book a few times, even read some quotes but hadn't have the time to order it (can't get it here) - I'm on my way to get it now.

I think I saw something reference about the fact that people are never the assholes themselves.. what are your thoughts on that?

Gwen Books

I could have contributed a chapter or 2 to Good Boss Bad Boss!

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