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Chris Young

This is a great post Bob! Self awareness is one of those highly important personal skills that is often undervalued at the management level.

I have shared your post with my readers in my weekly Rainmaker 'Fab Five' blog picks of the week (found here: to bring the importance of self awareness to their attention.

Be well!


I read an editorial in Nature years ago (which I sadly can't any longer find in order to link to) about a prize they had given to some of sciences best mentors.

It was open to nominations by students and post docs and any one could nominate their supervisor. The judges had been so surprised by their results that they had decided to turn it into an editorial.

What they found was that the single most important trait that separated all the merely good bosses from the truly inspirational and excellent ones was that good bosses helped their staff to fit their management style while the great ones moulded their management style to fit each of their staff individually.

That really stuck in my mind.


This blog entry articulates and supports something I've always kind of thought or suspected. I'm very glad to have encountered it, thanks to AvidCareerist.

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