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Kate Brodock

Bob-great list, thank you! Just catching up on some unread RSS feeds(busy few weeks!) so my question is a touch delayed, but I have one quick one. Do you distinguish between "boss" and "CEO/Owner/President/insert-term-for-company-head-here"? I ask because "boss" to me says the person managing employees, engaging in organizational management, responsible for communication with employees. So, I actually *wouldn't* count getting things done as part of the definition of boss, but definitely as part of the definition for head-of-company. If the Head is effective at getting the bottom line done phenomenally and has put in place a good manager to be my boss, great. Or, In the above examples, someone can be a great Head and a really lousy Boss. Or lastly, maybe what makes a good Leader is someone who's a good Head AND a good Boss. I could write an essay on this distinction (but will spare you!), and curious if, at a simple level, you see a difference, and what you mean by "Boss".

Alanah Throop

Hey Bob,
This is great content! Thanks for linking back to my post on the Rypple blog!
You do have some very valid ideas here.
- I was more looking at what it would be like to work for these managers. But I agree that to be a horrible boss, you have to be an asshole and incompetent at getting things done. Lumbergh is a terrific example of both!
Love the photo.

working girl

My dream boss is Jack from 30 Rock.

Rich Fritzson

Worth checking out Dan Hedaya's "Mr Waturi" in "Joe vs the Volcano". I remember wanting to strangle him within 30 seconds.

Catch some of it on
starting at 5:00 and then at 8:15.
The whole opening 10 minutes is pretty great though.

Sally Gore

It's hard to top Lumbergh, but I'd say Franklin Hart (played by Dabney Coleman) in "9 to 5" is right up there.

Thanks for the webinar today. It was great. A number of good takeaways.

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