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It’s easier to work towards your own interests than working together as a group to solve a problem. It's even harder to unite other countries with different global agendas towards a common goal.

There's a lot of thought provoking video clips regarding complexity and how global problems become almost impossible to solve on a Facebook community page

Why do we have a tendency to fight one another when we know sharing results in the most optimum outcome for everyone? Why does our biology cause us to hurt the ones we love, hoard resources and compete with one another?

Heres the link to the video


The individual is smart and insightful.

Humans in groups are dumb, act under peer pressure and towards social conformity.

Without great leadership, people in groups are stupid, violent, competitive and selfish. And only if those groups of people are listening to good advice from their leaders or role models.

Joseph Lira

I like this post and agree with it, good managers are led by their objectives and the common good, I believe the balanced Scorecard discussed by Kaplan is a valuable tool for this kind of managers (the alignment), great post,
I will tell my friends about it.

Wally Bock

Congratulations! This post was selected as one of the five best independent business blog posts of the week in my Three Star Leadership Midweek Review of the Business Blogs.

Wally Bock

Wally Bock

Thanks for highlighting Joe Nocera's column and for adding other details and thoughts, Bob. There's a lot here to chew on.

No matter what size team you lead, you've got two objectives. You must accomplish the mission. And you must care for your people. To add a challenge, you also have to consider both the present and the future.

Managers like Mark Hurd concentrate on accomplishing the mission in the present and precious little else. One reason that they act that way is that the rewards are stacked that way. The big rewards and Fortune covers go to CEOs whose companies deliver a success of excellent financial results measured quarter by quarter.

Neither my father nor my mother were especially interested in business. So one day when I was visiting them and we were watching TV news, my mother turned to me and ask, "Why do they call it the 'Business Report' when it's only about the stock market?"

That's a good question for all of us today when we consider performance and compensation. Is business only about the stock market or is it something more?

Jeff Shattuck


Just getting to know your blog, love it.

A few thoughts:

Why is Carly Fiorina seen as "strategic"? I mean, creating consolidation through an acquisition hardly seems strategic. What else did she do?

And Hurd, I agree with Michael Webster, Hurd was Chainsaw Al reborn, at least from everything I've read and from conversations I've had with HPeople.

Last, on the whole management vs. leadership debate, I guess I would just say that leaders lead managers and sometime you want a big vision dude (Larry Ellison, Lou Gerstner, Jeff Bezos, Reed Hastings) while other times you want a operational wonk (Jack Welch, whoever runs P&G, maybe the guy who runs Flextronics). To try to blend the two into one person, however, is a fool's game, you are very, very right on that.

Personally, I think HP needs the visions thing right now. There is no sense of excitement around the company, it is a slow, slog toward higher earnings and where is the fun in that? Honestly, it kills me to see what has happened to HP in terms of its soul. Sure, it's more competitive now but what will sustain it?


Rodney Johnson

Doesn't this simply go back to the notion that leaders need to surround themselves with people that are smarter than themselves?

Can't managers be as bright, charasmatic... as the leader?

In many respects, strong managers are probably more indispensable than a strong leader. However when strong leaders are surrounded by mediocre managers, this is not the case.

corey j. tronchin

Hp need to find a leader which can provide collective action opportunities to revive the culture of their company.
That's the only way management will prosper a whole new agenda with intrinsic motivation as one entity.

michael webster


Isn't this the Al Dunlop model all over again?

Steal from the short term future to make the present look better.

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