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Then there's the blog!



Sounds like it's worth a read. Thanks for the suggestion Bob.

working girl

Thanks for the review, I'll order it. It sounds like a great change from most leadership books.

Mike Sporer

Given a review like that, I linked and grabbed a kindle copy, Bob....

Bob Sutton

Chris, You are way too kind...from the inside, it feels like I have no control. I had no intention of writing anything about Jim's book because as you say, I am busy and also I have to stop work for the day and spend some time with my family and get some exercise.. I just got distracted by Jim's book!



Always appreciate when you highlight the work of others - invariably it proves worth a read. That you took the time to tout this one on a Saturday, amidst what must be an overflowing plate of book release activities, testifies to your generosity both to other authors and the readers of your blog. As always, thank you.

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