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Ellen O'Rourke

In the past I have managed direct reports and acted as a human shield. I had a team of systems administrators supporting outdated technology that failed to meet our business needs. Systems would fail and the executive team would quickly point fingers at my team for failures. I buffered the finger pointing and also worked with my team to develop proposals that would solve the root causes of the systems failures. I know I had the loyalty and appreciation of my team.

That said, when working on employee development, I have also found that at times I have to give them the opportunity to face the heat head on and respond to it in constructive ways. This experience helps build their management competencies. There is a balance between both strategies and knowing when I need to shield or encourage professional growth. Thank you for sharing your article.

Jake Nady

Howdy Bob, I haven't read the book, but now I might. A lot of these examples are very similar things I've discussed while away at lunch with co-workers etc. You ask if there may be other ways not included in this 7 that a boss might be able to protect his or her people. I've personally always appreciated the boss who seems to let me in on things... maybe seem to share secrets. Its a way to show that they're really on my side on many matters. It also makes them less robotic and more human.

Just a thought.


Good info. This was one of my more favorite chapters when I read the review copy.

I actually cited it in a discussion on my blog about narcissistic bosses. You've got a citation and it's not even published yet.

Thanks Bob.


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