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What I'm struck by is how these principles should apply to every personal relationship we have. This is how I want to treat friends and family. But it's so much more important to treat people this way when one person is in a position of power over the other one.

Carol Murchie

Demonstrates trust in you even when you are working on projects that they don't quite understand.

Anese Cavanaugh

Hi Bob, Great post, I appreciate your work so much! Here are a couple others I find helpful, take or toss as you please!

1. Acknowledges you for the character you hold and the person you are, not just for what you do.

2. Connects with you, genuinely and from the heart, if even for a quick minute.

3. Says "please, thank you, I care, and how are you?" (everything we learned in Kindergarten!)

4. Sees you as a human being, truly, not just as another team member and someone/something (object) to be a good boss to or to "lead well"

5. Asks for your feedback, makes it safe to give it, and then lets you know it's been heard.

6. Takes the time and thought to give you productive feedback "in service of", is conscious of - and responsible for - the impact of that feedback, and then sticks around to help you create a resonant action plan.

7. Is open to the conversation...

Thanks for getting me thinking about these this a.m. Fantastic way to dive into the next part of my morning. Have a wonderful day!


"Makes time for you."

Time is the key currency a manager has. Spending that time with me tells me that I am a priority and that the manager cares about me.


Praises you with specificity and notices when you make efforts to correct or offset weaknesses.

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