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Jared Cosulich

For a while now I've felt like this:

“Focus doing the best you can, not on doing better than others.”

is maybe the most important thing to keep in mind both as a person and within an organization.

Most people seem to agree at the personal level (although it's awfully hard to do consistently), but a lot of people seem to disagree from the organizational perspective. Personally, though, I've found that little if any value comes from paying any attention to your competitors and trying to beat them. Focusing your attention internally on giving your employees the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and serving your customers as effectively as possible seems to be a lot more effective then worrying about what your competitors are up to.

Jason Telerksi

Bob, Thank you for sharing this. Your openness and ability not to be perfect is one of the things that I value so much about your writing. I appreciated what you had to say about how you and your wife get more out of experiences than things. Its a lesson that my wife and I try to teach our children--we'll take them to Disney but we won't buy them the t-shirt.

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