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Iman Azol

As "asshole" is an undefined negative epithet, it's all moot.

But if I have a crapton of money, whatever I define as happiness and a long life, I really don't care if you think I'm a loser. I would consider that to be a loser trying to deny his jealousy.

Casey O'Looney

Tucker Max isn't an asshole. He is a douchebag. He is the guy who thinks he is cool, but everyone else knows is just a poser, blowhard. I can't wait until he disappears.

Please Bob, don't ever, ever, ever highlight Tucker Max again. He doesn't deserve your attention.


His name is Tucker Max, and he is not an asshole.He just gets excessively drunk at inappropriate times, disregards social norms, indulges every whim, ignores the consequences of my actions, mocks idiots and posers, sleeps with more women than is safe or reasonable, and just generally acts like a raging dickhead.
This is my personal opinion. People need real feel and do what they like to do without hurting others or bringing about inconveniences to others.


I have a friend from when I was doing my MBA who was described as an asshole by most of the cohort. His actions sound like a milder version of Tucker. He presumes familiarity and makes remarks that are offensive to most. He will make lewd comments, especially after drinking a bit too much. He'll try to find and say the thing that will unsettle you the most.

Here's the thing. To a casual acquaintance, he is just be an asshole. If you pierce this persona, what you find is a rather loyal, emotionally fragile, sweetheart of a guy who will go out of his way to be nice to you.

My friend has abandonment issues that come from being given up as a child. He is so afraid that people will reject him, that he acts outrageously to make them reject him. He would rather purposefully and knowingly cause the rejection than have someone reject the real him.

So, I think there are assholes and then there are assholes. I can't abide the kind you've written about. But, my now lifelong friend is someone who I would say can be an asshole, but really isn't.

Ryan Holiday

Hi Bob, it was funny to see this article pop up. I forgot I even wrote in about it. I'd still stand by what I wrote then, and I imagine most of the young people Tucker groomed after me would agree. Then again, I went on to happily work for Robert Greene (48 Laws of Power) and Dov Charney (American Apparel) after I left my comment, so perhaps I have some weird ability to appreciate and learn from bosses people love to hate.


Perhaps the word Tucker is looking for is "rake" or even "bounder". Regardless, he'd better get going if he's going to become the person that he now seems not to be: an exemplary man, i.e. a man worthy of being held up as a good example.

Better step on it, Tucker. You're burning daylight.

Bret Simmons

I think he is probably more of an dick than an asshole.


I don't know Tucker Max, but I am familiar with his work. I will note that he indeed doesn't use the word as you define it. To him, and to many others, it is just the antithesis of the quintessential "Mr. Nice Guy," who at the end of the day, are more "assholish" than those who are more assertive.

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