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Scott W.

The poster from Despair, Inc., reading "Demotivation: Sometimes the Best Solution to Morale Problems is Just to Fire All of the Unhappy People" is the first thing that comes to mind, here, but I know that's not what you mean here. I think your emphasis is dead on. The ability of people to cast a negative influence on their colleagues and employees is much more powerful than the ability to raise people up, and it can occur in such a short amount of time. When I mentally cycle through a few of my past jobs, I have mostly forgotten the neutral or positive people, while the negative ones still have an effect even years later. So it would make sense that reducing the impact of these people would be a prerequisite for effective teamwork. Thanks for the post.

Daniel Decker

Excellent and thought provoking post here Bob. Not just in eliminating the negative (person) but the negative environments and blocks as well. For some reason I think of Zappos while reading this. Creating a culture that focuses on the positive seems to be what they are all about.

Stan Yanakiev

What is the definition of Good and Bad?

Ian Mondrow

I must admit, that this is the best blog posting that I have yet to read. I wish more organizations would see the harm of "asshole" jobs. It appears that numbers matter more to directors than how their personnel feels. Therefore, if a manager produces good numbers, it does not matter if he/she is an "asshole" manager.

It makes you wonder... are there any personality assessments that could possibly predict if someone will be an "asshole"? Obviously "asshole" may not be the most academic term but you get the jist.


A relationship you didn't mention here is parent and child.

Keeping this rule in mind as a parent, especially the parent of a toddler or a teen, is extremely difficult, but I believe it should be done. First, it contributes significantly to domestic harmony and second, it provides a positive model for their interactions with others, including in their future work life.

After all, what are the odds that workplace assholes were raised by assholes? Pretty good, I'd say.

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