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Daniel Decker


Bob Sutton

Janet, Thanks for spotting the typos and my marginal writing. Repairs have been made.


Congrats Bob. Even though I sometimes have to grit my teeth when I read your blog as it can bring up traumatic memories, I know you are trying to help promote better workplaces. And nice that you thank your wife here(did you mean to write "me wife", and may I suggest, "to whom the book is dedicated"?).


I'm not surprised. Based on the challenge of finding it in the Silicon Valley bookstores. I got one of 3 left on the new release table at the Borders in Santana Row last night. Many Borders and B&N are showing as out of stock.

C. Turner

Well deserved, Bob. We've known for what seems like forever that "the truth will set you free." Who knew it would also sell books? This is hopeful news for all of us.

CV Harquail

I don't know whether "W00t!" or "Squee!" is the appropriate cyber-celebration.

But ether/both ways,congratulations!



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