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I think that the experiments are intriguing. According to the studies women are not being given a fair chance to hold high management positions because they not judged unsuitable. Men on the other hand appear to levitate upwards to upper management positions. It would be interesting to know how these women leaders are seen after they have managed the crisis and the company has returned to…profitability? Are they replaced by a male once the crisis is over?


This really is too bad since most women have to try to be ten times as qualified as their male counterparts to do the same jobs. And they still don't get the jobs. I know this because I am a woman. This is my story. I don't need a good random sample to tell you what you will find.

Right now I am talking with a group that is only talking to me for this reason. Men have screwed them up so much before.

I don't think they would have talked to me otherwise.

William Cunningham

Unfortunately, negative female stereotypes and the cursed "glass ceiling" reaffirm the "findings" of this research. It's true that this research wasn't perfect. There is no mention of the sampling method used, including whether or not different age groups were surveyed, and there is no breakdown in the results. However, larger and more traditional companies may still retain management that believes in a patriarchal work force, such as is evident here.


Really, but there are more leaders in real world. How could these researchers explain this phenomenon? What kind of features do these companies have? Are they more better fit for female or not? In addition, I don't think the conclusion is very strong since the sample is not large enough and diversified.

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