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Derak Berreyesa

I think agree that dehumanizing is not always a bad thing when being a boss. But, it should only be during certain situations. Like when though/cut throat business decisions need to be made. I boss who is dehumanizing his employees 100% of the time is a terrible boss. This is a very interesting study though.

Garrett Brothers

This is very interesting and I can see the argument from both sides. I do think dehumanizing, like you said, can be a negative but in the example of the invasive/effective surgery verses the less invasive/less effective surgery I feel that the tough decision is the right decision. I am not suggesting that one should override the wishes of the patient and chose what you so wish, but I do see the importance in the tough choice. This particular example also lends itself to many other side debates regarding the legality and threat of law suits of the tough verses easier decisions. While this was only one example I think the picture is clear that with power, as it is suggested, a more mechanical, and less human decision making process is likely to occur.


Refer to the famous Stanford Prison Experiment:

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