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Jonathan Ledbetter

Fantastic article and interview. It is amazing to me just how little company loyalty means these days on the executive side of the aisle. I have the pleasure of hearing about how my dad's old company is forcibly retiring "company men" like he was after he voluntarily retired a couple years ago. The goal is to hire people to do the same job for less money and presumably paltry retirement plans, but the side effect is that morale falters among current employees and the new employees don't (or won't) deposit anything into their "loyalty piggy bank".

It kills you bit by bit inside knowing that you can fight for your company but they won't fight for you.

Ellen O'Rourke

Bob, thank you for sharing the U.S. News & World report article. The Hollywood model has become common place in today's technology sector. I work for a software company and on our campus two thirds of employees are contract workers. Our organization uses contract workers for many project managers, administrative assistants, agreement processing,testing & help desk. We do have a track record of back filling FTE positions with the talent in our contract worker pool. For mid level positions it is one of the best ways to get into the recruiting process at our company.


Prof. Sutton--great interview, but can you explain a bit more about what you meant by this quote at the end? "When things sweeten up, you'll be amazed".

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