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Indianapolis Contractor

What a wonderful topic!

"Giving the first employee of the month award to himself."

I almost fell over laughing


For those of you who have never lived or worked in China/India, the list above (in a general sense) could describe the majority of bosses in those countries. I think you should ask for a list of bad bosses from the US vs. developing world and compare, you might be surprised to see that the US is not all that bad...

air max

I subscribbed to your rss feed but for some reason I haven't been getting the updates. Maybe its something on my end. Any way I guess I have to just look through the archive. Thanks!

Derak Berreyesa

Very funny and interesting post. A boss giving himself employee of the month is a pretty ridiculous concept. It would definitely not lead to very happy employees.

William Cunningham

Most, if not all, of these bosses seem to be self-centered. Such blatant disregard for employee morale and the disrespect displayed by these bosses makes me wonder how the company can survive and why turnover isn't 100%. It's obvious that not a single one of these bosses has ever considered practicing self monitoring or paying attention to nonverbal communication or they would have realized that their behavior is unacceptable.

Jeffrey Thomas

And I thought I had seen some questionable behavior displayed by bosses. This reminds me of a boss I had in the past that told all employees that everyone needed to carry a cell phone at all times. We should never let a call go to voicemail. However, this boss would NEVER answer their cell phone. This would be such a huge deal besides the fact they preached to lead by example.


Some astonishing behaviour there! I can't believe that (a) people will degrade themselves with such shows, or (b) that an organisational convenience (being boss) can be taken to prevent the operation of good manners, respect and normal decency, or (c) victims don't make complaints to police (the foot under tail person: arguably indecent assault and common assault [here in Australia], the 'waterboarding' assault no matter if agreed to!

Marie Wiere


What a wonderful insightful and amusing (in a horrifying kind of way!) article. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

It made me recall a not so great boss I worked with a long time ago. This boss not only took full credit for a project they had, had no part in, but lacked awareness to the point that they bragged about the rewards they had received for their 'hard work' on the project; going into detail about the praising e-mails they had received form corporate and how good their reward champagne was...
Without doubt a very similar kind of boss to the first example of the boss that gave them self employee of the month!

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