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Derak Berreyesa

I think it's a great title for you next book. I would love to see the different examples of "Shit Shows" you would include. That term has actually been in my vocabulary for a while now. The one I really like from this post is "Failure Sucks But Instructs". This is so true and put so eloquently.

Christian Fey

It is pretty impressive how many meetings start off with a positive note and degenerate off to a "shit show!" Anytime people choose to have meetings in any professional activity (obviously most purely social events turn into shit shows by their very nature) there should be clearly outlined goals and objectives so that people don't sit there and feel as though they are wasting their otherwise precious time.

Bob Sutton

Joe, Bret, and David,

I appreciate the support, but I am not sure I have another book with a dirty title in me.. on the other hand, I am terrible at predicting my own future behavior...


Bret Simmons

Bob, please write "The No Shit Show Rule"!!!


It could sell.

Joe Marchese

I think you have found the title for your next book, but no regrets about going from 'that asshole guy' to 'that shitshow guy'.:)

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