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Both of these men appear to be extreme narcissists and certifiable assholes, yet you find yourself sympathetic to them. What is the lesson to learn, here, Bob?

Mark Ferreri

Hi Bob,

I think if either Jobs or Zuckerberg has looked in the mirror and asked either/both of those questions of himself, I might concede that they are at least 2 steps ahead of most of the mega-rich with respect to their own personal development. I suspect that Bill Gates answered those questions at some point prior to jumping into his Foundation work (or perhaps it was his wife who tossed them at him and demanded an answer (:-} ).


I've very intrigued. Moreso by the fact that a supposed monologue needs to have a director...but also by the subject matter.

Bob Sutton


You are probably right, but I also see them as just human beings like the rest of us, who find themselves wondering, as the Talking Heads song goes,"Who am I? How did I get here?"


When peoples have the wide-spread impact that both Jobs and Zuckerberg do AND their net worth is measured in Billions AND they aren't curing cancer, I can't see how we need to feel any sympathy for their high profile. Public scrutiny is the only meaningful check on their actions and ambitions.

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