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Gregg Lind

Seconding Erika... Wordpress is also quite easy to install, and its editor is quite adequate for most simple text formatting stuff. There is a hassle cost for switching over from TypePad to Wordpress for the archive, but there are tools for doing so. Holler if you want help with it. (Note: I don't represent Wordpress or anything, and find it somewhat annoying for posting code, but want to see this blog continue!)



Congratulations on the 1.5 million page views mark. It's a great blog and we all appreciate your good insight.

Keep up the good work.



To echo what other readers have said, it would be a great loss to see this blog go. I love the storytelling and the wisdom that comes out of your experiences and find that a range of professionals benefit from it. I read this blog to get practical tips, insightful commentary and real examples of how and why things work or don't work. Your recent post on "Sociomateriality: More Academic Jargon Monoxide" spurred a controversial discussion in our small academic department after I forwarded it on thinking it was refreshingly candid and funny. Controversial posts that spur meaningful conversations and make people reevaluate the status quo - or at least talk openly about it- is one of the ways this blog has an impact.

Blogspot is decent enough and very easy to use but doesn't have many customization options.


I first started reading your blog after I saw a newspaper article about the no a-hole rule. Your book helped me deal with a few of them (and continue to help me deal with them). I've found your management suggestions to be very practical and common sense. I've really enjoyed reading your work. I'll be sad to see your blog go, but all good things must come to an end.


Congrats on such a big milestone. You do great work. It's no wonder.

michael webster

Congratulations on your milestone.

Pretty easy to transfer your db to movable type 4.3, hosted with your own domain, and if you need help drop me an email.


Bob, I especially like the blend of academic/research based posts, your own opinions and thoughts, and your reflections on the work or opinions of others that you provide here. I'm really trying to be reflective about my own practice as a manager in an academic setting, and I turn to your blog (as well as your books) quite often. I will be sorry not to have input from your blog if you decide to stop, but amen to the concept of not doing something if it no longer is fun!


I think the best thing to do with this blog is to keep telling us what you think. I really think that's what makes blogs valuable: interesting people telling us what they think.

(I use blogger happily.)


Hi Bob, I've found Wordpress to be a very user friendly blog format, and it allowed me to transfer over the content of my prior blog location so that it was all in one place.

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