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This man was a UNION REPRESENTAIVE,i.e., a Shop Stewart who was a straw boss. Part of his power came from trading his UNION POSTITION to supporting the management for elections. If anyone here ever wonder why complaints of sexual harassment by co-workers (read FELLOW-UNION WORKERS) are not Resolved at the Union level knows why, OR SHOULD.


To me, what was almost as disturbing as his tyrannical reign was the fact that he was never actually fired and will be/is entitled to his pension--a whopping $80,000 annually! So, he's a maniacal convicted felon who stands to reap all of that money, yet if one of his subordinates had been arrested on a simple charge during his tenure, that person would most likely be fired and without any recourse. Astounding.

And this, during all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth over state budgets! I imagine that the protesters in Wisconsin would be especially appalled to contrast this with their situation.


I too heard the story on This American Life when it aired and was so awe/dumbstruck that I couldn't get out of my car when I reached my destination for the need to finish the story was so great. I don't think anyone could have created a work of fiction so horrific as what Steve Raucci put his subordinates through. And his mediocre rise to power was astounding in its benignness. His actions were taken straight from the despot handbook. I've always been baffled by how tyrannical "leaders" (and I use the term loosely) are able to hold whole countries hostage. This is how. Through subtle manipulation that eventually turns to blatant abuses in power. But is Raucci to blame? I don't believe the fault rests solely with him. Some responsibility must be shared by those who allowed it to happen, from the subordinates who put up with his abuses, to the school district with its flawed policies, to the union that allowed him to rewrite his job description to leverage more power. Too many people turned a blind eye to what was happening which only contributed to more abuses. The worst part of all was how easy it was for him to rise to such levels of power and how liberally and blatantly he abused his position. Tisk, tisk, tisk – for shame!!

Jacob Kelgard

Wow, this is an unbelievable story. What a psycho, it is so hard to believe that someone like this was not only allowed to be in a position of authority, but that he was actually promoted to be a boss. Working for a “bosshole” is difficult enough, but Steve took that to a whole new level of insanity. I am happy to hear that Steve’s terrible tyranny finally caught up to him and he is incarcerated. It is just unfortunate that so many people had to suffer his influence for so long before Steve finally got caught by the right people. Individuals like Steve Raucci need to be noticed and declined early on in the corporate ladder so as to hopefully avoid such an incident from occurring again.

Carol Murchie

Don't know what's worse, Raucci or the nitwits who were supposed to be his managers.



Yes but this guy was such an obvious asshole. The difficult ones have two faces.

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