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Oren Hovemann

Definitely bosshole of the year. This seems to me like an extreme version of a boss that is taking out personal issues on his employees. He is obviously very unhappy and wants everyone else to be as miserable as he is.

It is incredibly important for bosses to leave personal issues out of the workplace. Employees can easily misunderstand their supervisors moods and actions causing an uncomfortable situation.


My goodness, he sounds terrible, but am I being nit-picky by complaining about the bad grammar and terrible spelling here?'re the ya, bro. But we need to reign in the lax editing. It muddies the message. That said, you and your blog are a wealth of sound and sober advice.

Marie Wiere

Wow what a story! Definitely a contender for 'bosshole of the year!' I sincerely hope the employee concerned finds a new better job soon.

I couldn't help but feel sorry for the boss too. Surely they can't be so self-deluded as to feel happy with their performance? I think the boss concerned needs to take the time to self reflect and read Good Boss, Bad Boss to get back on track.

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