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Cindy Moret O'Keeffe

Can't help but think about our politicians wrangling with our budget as I read about "courage" and "deeply unpopular" decisions. Wish they had more of the former to make the later and drop the partisan nonsense. Wish Washington could go to CEO bootcamp.

Joe Marchese

The fundamental prerequisite for leadership is courage. A leader goes on to act in many ways, but without courage, nothing good results.

Dan Markovitz

Bob -- your point that "the CEO will generally have less than 10% of the information typically present in the ensuing Harvard Business School case study" is why I deplore the emphasis on case studies in business schools. (And this is from a Stanford GSB graduate.)

The ultimate decision/outcome in the case is always presented as a no-brainer when approached with the relevant GSB-taught tools, when the truth is that the CEO was really just guessing, and hoping that his/her gut instinct was correct.

Walter Underwood

10% sounds bad, but if it is a representative sample of the possibly-available information, that could be pretty sold.

The Von Neumann quote reminds me of Richard Hamming's theme for his book on numerical methods in computing, "The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers."

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