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As an IT professional I am certain that your blog is being blocked via filter lists both because its a blog, and the word asshole.

Usually these packages are sold under the guise of improving productivity. I use to think this software was wonderful.

After gaining extensive insight and knowledge from blogs, I have a far different opinion. IBM is quite notable for allowing their employees to blog.

You might consider adding a mobile stylesheet to your blog. I follow a number of blogs on my droid, and blackberry storm (before the droid). For what its worth, your site is minimalist to begin with. Just a little hard to navigate on a mobile device because of the three column format, and the LONG scroll to the bottom.


I am a teacher and this site is blocked by my school's filter because it is listed as a personal blog. It is also blocked through Google Reader.


I'm able to access from within GE Energy without any problems.

Carol Murchie

I am working as a contractor at a large manufacturer (name withheld) and I find that a lot of blogs are blocked by the IT department--you can request it be unblocked if you can justify why you need access.

I think it is to keep folks from whiling away the day online. But I suspect the words "No Asshole Rule" triggers a block too. Lots of filters are pretty simplistic and cannot determine context--you probably can't refer to the animal known as an ass.


If the blog is locked at your worksite, just subscribe to it through Google Reader. Most workplaces don't block Google!

Bob Bennett

I got to it from within GE Aviation Systems via the link in Google Reader. Also copied the link into IE and got here.

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