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Good stuff. Thanks for sharing (and saving me a trip to NZ).

Colin Ferguson

I liked the 'dragon gap' comment a lot - the link between knowing and doing as this scary thing seems very appropriate. Cries out for a dragon-slayer related proverb to accompany it.
I also liked 'anthropology before technoloby' - a concise ordering of values.
Lastly, since I am trying to just choose three, I would choose 'Teams that do beat teams that talk'.
Too much time is wasted by talk instead of trial and error.

Thanks again for continuing to stimulate thinking!

Colin Ferguson

Robb Schiller

Great list and some really great little nuggets of information.

Thanks a ton for sharing!

Roger Rebetsky

Sorry, meant to add: Otherwise, great post!

Roger Rebetsky

Bob, please proofread or get someone else to do it. Typos when paraphrasing someone's quote is just so...wrong!

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