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Dallas Commercial

I love this post. The sad fact is that I don't think most people in business want to be assholes, it's just that there are so many stupid people out there who don't understand any other way. It's better to have your wife cry than mine, that's how I look at it. Great post.


Johnny Asshole,
I'm an asshole myself. But, I tend to let the whole asshole act down with my "friends".
How can I overcome the bad feeling and become an asshole all round?


Dear Johnny Asshole - I want to be nice, because being nice is so anti-establishment it's unbelievable. Imagine what it must feel like to be a nice person for once. To actually smile and let go of the asshole act. What a relief! I love Denis Leary, and he sings about being an asshole, but he actually rails against assholes in his routine, and probably would be the first person to help you out of your burning car on the turnpike, even though you got into wreck because you were texting your lawyer while doing 40 in the left lane and cutting people off. Assholes suck. You want to be different? Want to have some real guts? Get some class and be a nice person AND be a leader. Class and integrity...look it up in your Blackberry. America could use more of it. Assholes are just mediocrities vying for the limelight.

Johnny Asshole

Why are you trying to avoid assholes? Learn to stand up for yourself, and maybe you'll feel better.

Don't be a nice person. Be a genuine person. A nice person is someone who treats themself like an asshole, a doormat for the world.

Take it from me, the greatest asshole this world has ever seen.

Tara Parks

Wow - I've known a few people who enacted #3 flawlessly. But experiences with people like that make you so much more appreciative when you find a no-asshole workplace. =)

Stanley Lee

This post is hilariously sarcastic. Enjoyed this interview summary.

Bret Simmons

is this asshole efficacy, Bob? Someone should develop a scale for that :)

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