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Dear Bob, dear Ergoboy,
first - one agreement - if I may propose, so that you might understand my comment better: talking as a human not a given or self-applied role.
In Germany, where I live, there is a major company, it is called "dm", which seems to incorporate lots of these
methods of innovation and design-thinking.
No, I am not working there :-) (supposing you might think that way...)
They have got one of the best Bosses around. He retired, but managed to keep the ideals alive. Every day all of the 12.000 employees try to do their best.
Thanks for reading - sorry, if you can't use this info.

robert sutton


I plead guilty. Please forgive me as it was David's 60th and I was feeling very sentimental, especially because he battled cancer to get there and because another long-time IDEO friend is battling it as well. I will likely do one more post on David (perhaps at HBR) and design thinking. And one on Guy's new book. But I hear your message. Indeed, a nice twist might be to do something on the rise of design at P&G. And perhaps some stuff at the Thanks for the feedback.


Hi Bob,

I really like your blog posts and management philosophy. However, in my opinion, it seems like you talk mainly about IDEO and the folks that work there. I know you know them well and they are convenient, but is there anywhere or anyone else who is doing similar stuff? I mean no disrespect to these people, I'm just getting IDEO, and Kawasaki fatigue. Please inject some variety.

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