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Patricia Knight

Thanks Bob,

This was very interesting and great research on my quest to continually be healthier in life, work, and play.

Patricia Knight (

Greg Ryan

Thanks Bob,

Im always interested in way that i can effect my mood and interactions and I found the glucose article to be interesting.


I especially like the recommendations for healthier habits. Habits are just behaviors, and I wish I could make good behavior automatic. Now to find a habit I can try to adopt in 66 days...

r.e. riker

With regard to "Sugar isn't all bad!", I would recommend taking a look at the section "Sweet paradox" in "Brain Boosters" (

pex tubing

Hi Bob you have a great blog! Very interesting


I think there's an enormous amount of research to be done (though much of it would perhaps be unnecessary if people trusted their common sense) on the intelligent planning of work, food intake, coffee breaks, fruit bowls, exercise, etc., in organizations. I'm sure some of it is already being done. If you have any reading suggestions, I'm all eyes.

Recruiting Animal

Hey Dude, if you wd like to be a guest on The Recruiting Animal Show just let me know.

It's pretty rough. It's full of people you might call assh*les. But it can be a lot of fun.

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