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This also shows that a company can be in decline even while its stock price is rising.

Alex B

Typically culture is determined by how the leaders of the company set a system in place, how the company developed during its founding, and its continuous history. This is why a CEO from another company can rarely, if ever, create the same culture at a new company as where he/she worked previously. The CEO may very well change the culture and become very successful, but it will hardly look or feel similar to the previous company. Even still new leadership can sometimes change things so vastly that the original culture may be lost altogether. Enter Carly Fiorina.


The culture started by the founder or founders of a company appears difficult to maintain when the founder leaves and the company grows by leaps and bounds. One thing is for sure is that Mr Apotheker is on the right track on getting back the culture by listening to the rank and file.


Great post. It seems to me that there is a lot more research and information available about the rise of great companies then there is about their decline; even though the latter is probably equally common. I believe it is critical to understand both why companies thrive and how they self destruct. I have to admit that I have been guilty of reading predominately about success stories. This was a great reminder that we must maintain a good grasp of the dynamics of decline if we want to stave it off and sustain success.

I hope that this turns into a great turn around story one day.


You can find HP's soul at Agilent.


Or they could go with "Inventing" which is more of an active verb describing what they do rather than what seems to be a command.

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