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Kevin Rutkowski

Thanks for this great reminder.

Whenever I'm feeling that I don't have enough, I remind myself about what my grandma had at my age. She had lost her family to the Nazis in Poland, survived slave labor camps in the Soviet Union, and was back in Poland raising 2 young children in one room under Communist rule.

Compared to most people in the world today and compared to most people in history, the average American lives a luxurious life. I just wish that more people would appreciate all they have.


I would take this one step further. I have come to learn the refrain “I have more then enough”. It took a financial collapse for me to learn that I was no less happy when I had much less stuff. I think we all know that deep down but it is easy to forget in our day to day lives. The knowledge that I already have more then I need is incredibly freeing and has allowed me to consider new ideas, risks, and career options that I never could before.

Repeating this refrain doesn’t just help you to treat those around you better, it helps you be better to yourself by allowing you to be true to your best and least selfish ideals.


So true Bob. I try to remind myself that I have more than enough on a regular basis.

Patricia Knight

Thank you for this great post. You put into words what many of us feel.

Thank you,
Patricia Knight

Steve Nguyen

Thanks Dr. Sutton for that piece by Kurt Vonnegut. I love it: "I've got something he can never have...The knowledge that I've got enough." What a fitting reminder for all of us to be happy with what we've got.

Patricia Tryon

Great post for Ash Wednesday.

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