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Daniel Christadoss

Bob, Thanks for steering us towards some good reading to enrich our lives. The very idea of small wins makes so much sense and makes every one a contributor which in essence what the world is all about. This is one book I am definitely going to read.


This book sounds wonderful. I love the power of small wins idea. It can be so hard to keep shining, far-off goals in mind every day. But taking baby steps toward those goals each day can remind us that we are making progress and keep that nagging fear of failure from driving us crazy!

Kevin Rutkowski

Thanks for sharing this. I have found that my greatest accomplishments are actually a series of much smaller successes.

As a software quality assurance manager, I'm always pushing teams to incorporate testing throughout the development process rather than leaving it all to the end. I'm excited to read this book to get more ideas for how to explain this concept to project teams and clients so they accept it.


Thanks for the review, I'll add it to my list. 11,000 business books published a year and most aren't worth reading?! What about Doreen McGunagle's new release: Good Boss Bad Boss?

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