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Honestly Andrew, I agree with your view in a general sense--with general everyday folk, except for the fact that we're talking about Donald Trump, the guy who takes pride in getting Obama to produce his Birth Certificate, something I considered to be a racist act. It's hard to look past that, whether it's a public persona or not. If he doesn't care that he comes off as a racist, I kind of have a problem with him for that.


From time to time you will pass a signpost that indicates to any and all that you have moved from one level of competence/authority/wisdom/maturity - take your pick.

Being referenced in Doonesbury, that's one big frickin' signpost!

Congratulations on your promotion.


Andrew raises an interesting point, but I'm deeply dubious about anyone who feels the need to portray such an horrific public persona, even if he is an angel behind locked doors...

Carol Murchie

What a kick, Bob! I think you are inextricably woven into our cultural fabric at this point.

I wouldn't put much stock in a ten year old interaction with a "passing acquaintance" since a lot could change and you cannot know if she was towing the party line. Who knows if she was in a setting where she thought word might get back to him.

I tried to watch "The Apprentice" when it first came out and I was completely underwhelmed by the management style. It really seemed like I was watching a bunch of kindergartners fighting over Daddy's attention, and he seemed to eat it up...and he probably was.

But then we seemed to be inundated with bread and circuses. It's sad to think where it's all heading.

Andrew Meyer

I would agree with you except for one thing, I knew a woman who worked for him who raved about him as a boss. I only knew her socially, but according to her, he was loyal, thoughtful and dependent on people who worked for him. Yes he was a big personality, but he could only be that way because he had a great team who exceed what he could expect from them and he was generous and rewarded them handsomly both monetarily and in recognition. He's and interesting and flawed person and this was ten years ago, so he might have changed, but interesting and flawed people canmake some of the best bosses.

I think one has to separate the public and professional personas.

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