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Melissa P

Thanks for sharing Bob! This is the first time I've seen graphic scribing. Love how it is so different from the traditional PPT.

Keith McDonnell

I printed this out on the plotter and posted it up in my office. It's started some interesting conversation. I think I will move it to the hallway and see what happens from there.

Kevin Bain

Bob- Great summary on the process and intent of graphic facilitation/scribing! I really enjoyed your talk; very engaging and easy to "capture"... Thanks for the compliments! -kb

Kitchen Butterfly

Stunning - I've been to two conferences recently where graphic artisits created amazing summaries of the sessions. They are a gifted lot - who are not only able to understand the crucial conversations but who can distill this into colourful, recognisable and powerful imagery!


I love this too. How fitting.

The Medium is the Message!

Joe Marchese

Love it, Bob. Got my creative energy flowing. [Now I can;t stop!!] Death to PPT!

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