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Great article. Lifelong Apple user, here's hoping they stick around.

Alexander Kjerulf

As for warning sign #5: Here you go!

Apparently Apple tried to buy Dropbox...


Never mind the iPhone 5 what about the iPod touch? Wehave not seen any convincing rumours about a new model this year and we are near the traditional time for an event. Could it be killed and replaced with a sim free iPhone. Also there are rumours of an Apple made TV so will we get apps on atv?


I loved reading this. Thanks. Such an interesting pov- as usual.

Made me wonder how the Post Jobs Era at Apple will compare with Post Welch at GE?

Jacob Weinfeld

Interesting points. My co-workers debated Apple this week on our blog

One contends Apple will be fine without jobs, while the other believes that they are doomed to a slow decline due to some of the same warning signs you pointed out.

Melissa P

I've been following this news story and find it very interesting. Thanks for sharing!


Very interesting read, indeed.

Joe Marchese

I had a similar view on Apple in my blog when the Fortune story ran: The Leader or The System?

Matt May

Wonderful, thoughtful insight Bob, thank you!

Michele Renda

Nokia... I think this was the best example ever seen.

It is very strange to see how a company that had the Apple feel (still there are a lot of Nokia fans), lost all in so short time.


"when an organization has an irrationally large product line"
Hey, Nokia, I'm looking at you!
Sony Ericsson, you are not too behind either!

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